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This post is just six words long

August 25, 2006

This blog will serve as a development and support platform for several projects funded through the TLC during summer and fall 2006. Similarly, this same software package will be installed on a local server here, perhaps providing blogs to whomever shows interest.


This is a picture of a FCPGA CPU that I snagged from Google Images in order to test image linking in WordPress. It should appear as a small thumbnail that links to a larger version of the same image. It did not seem to be working the other day, but I surmise that had to do with the image being too large. This image is 800×795 (the missing 5 pixels are apparently an internet tax used to fund the long series of tubes), and WordPress automatically generated a thumbnail image to accompany the original image. I’ll have to check the documentation to see what exactly are the limits for images (both in size and dimension).

In this paragraph, I’m going to create several links to various web sites to determine how hyperlinking works.Digg logo I found some interesting real-time web traffic visualization tools at Digg today– well, real-time of what’s been digged dugg digdug viewed from Visit to see Stack and Swarm in action. I like the look of swarm as it’s a little more fun to see what’s popular at any give moment, but stack gives a better long term representation of what stories are popular– keep in mind that popularity is extremely fleeting at Digg; 30 minutes is what I would consider long term. Both tools require Macromedia Adobe Flash.